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Frankie Colohan has been with The Conquerors since 1985.

As a fine guitarist and vocalist, Frankie takes lead vocals for much of The Conquerors large and diverse repertoire. His superb musicianship has seen him playing with international artists such as Michael Flatley on the album 'Feet of Flames'.

Along with Tony (keyboard player), Frankie manages his own commercial recording studio and has co-produced some of Ireland's most successful country albums. His recording projects have seen him producing such hits as Jim Buckley's 'Your Wedding Day, Isla Grant's 'Cottage in the Country, Charlie McGettigan's 'Bed for the Night', Robert Mizell's 'Say you Love me', Mike Denver's 'The Galway Girl, Declan Nerney's 'Stop the World'. Other artists thats Frankie has worked with include Tony Stevens, Keith McDonald and Michael English.